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Why Are Boundaries Important?

Controlling who and what enters your space is important to protect what is valuable to you. Boundaries
are important to develop and maintain relationships that are mutually respectful. The point is not to
exclude interaction, but to maintain some control over what matters to us – a respect for our personal
space and our workspace.

So, if we understand the importance of boundaries to our “space” – why is it so hard for us to set

Some people are held back by a lack of self-awareness of their value and the value that their personal
and professional space hold for them. They may suffer from low self-esteem, don’t want to upset people
for fear it will cause conflict.

We all need to feel empowered to set that “space” – our boundaries. People who are able to do this, not
only feel empowered, but studies show that it is easier for them to relax and that they are generally
happier and healthier.

Many people want to feel that they are important to other people, that they are their “go-to” person. Or
may they want to be seen as a “team player” and someone who “gives” to others. And that’s great!
However, by setting boundaries, you are saying, “I am here for you. But, I am also important. My time
and my efforts matter. Please respect me. Please respect my efforts and my time.”

Without boundaries, you may be setting a tone of “generosity burnout” and you may also become the
“go-to” person that others take advantage of. When this happens, we become resentful, hurt, and turn
away – exactly the opposite of who we were trying to be. Not the go-to person, or the team player – but
someone who pulls back and doesn’t want to be part of the situation or the team.

Setting boundaries is essential to your well-being – it’s not selfish!

November 14, 2021
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