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Meet Janice

Janice Coe, CEO and Founder of Consult-Train-Coach, LLC, a Certified Small Business Woman Owned business, Owner / Training Director at the Coach Certification Training Academy, is passionate about her Coaching Practice and passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others to provide the opportunity for others to become a certified coach. Janice is an ICF Credentialed Coach and a Mentor Coach.

As the owner of Coach Certification Training Academy (CCTA), Janice brings her experience as a Coach, Consultant, Senior Manager in the federal government (retired) and Owner of several businesses to the classroom and to the virtual training room. She has taught coaching to over 800 people in almost all 50 states and Internationally. She has worked with CEOs, Executives, Managers, Emerging Leaders and staff at all levels. She is at home in the C-Suite and in the Warehouse. Janice has extensive Team Coaching experience using team tools and assessments, as well as team coaching.

She is an authorized and certified facilitator of numerous assessments and tools – Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors, Engagement Multiplier, DRiV, and others – to gauge employee engagement, work styles, conflict styles and motivators. She is a successful facilitator of meetings, workshops and off-sites for teams and executives. She holds Master Certifications from Villanova University in Organizational Development, Human Resource Management and Government Procurement. She is also certified by Georgetown University in “Manager As Coach”.

Janice has been instrumental in shifting organizations and government agencies to embrace a culture of coaching. She is now bringing her expertise to the virtual classroom to help others become effective and profitable coaches.

Margy Eisenberg

Margy Eisenberg

Meet Margy

Margy is an engaging, result-driven instructor, instrumental in developing and delivering training for a variety of organizations at all levels from new employees to C-suite. Margy has more than 15 years of experience as a Coach. Her niches are Executive, Career Transition, and Relationship Coaching. Margy has successfully provided training and coaching to thousands of employees at all levels. Her clients, among others, are the Defense Logistics Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Anne Arundel County Maryland School District. Margy has created an award-winning course, “Don’t Bring Doughnuts to Work, Bring JUICE (Joy, Unity, Integrity, Inspiration, Courage, Commitment, and Empathy) designed to enhance employee engagement, while significantly improving productivity and morale. Margy has joined CCTA after a successful career as CEO of her own coaching and consulting company, which followed 28-year career in the Federal government in the Senior Executive Service (SES). Under her leadership, her staff won two Emmy awards for public service announcements and an award winning e-newsletter that won numerous awards. Margy is also noted for her work on Capitol Hill. For a period, she directed legislative staff and was the liaison for her agency to members of Congress and the Senate. One of the pieces of landmark legislation she facilitated impacts every American in the workforce…on an annual basis, every worker who receives their personalized Social Security Statement.

During her career she has received numerous awards and citations from both Presidents and Governors.

Meet Bruce

Bruce A. Thomas is an affiliated coach with the Coach Certification Training Academy. He is a seasoned executive, leadership, and life coach; a masterful trainer; and inspirational speaker. As owner and founder of Bruce A. Thomas Coaching LLC, he delivers flexible, practical, leadership and career development training, coaching services, and assessment solutions that drives systemic change; enables leaders to master business and leadership competencies; and enables organizational and personal greatness!

Bruce’s passion is grooming leaders, teams and organizations for “greatness.” He launched a Christian faith-based leadership and career development service that is devoted to inspiring people to discover and fulfill their purpose; create awareness and pursue self-improvement; achieve their personal and professional goals; and strive to be “great” leaders in all areas of life (professional and personal).

He received his coaching certification from the Federal Internal Coach Training Program sponsored by the U.S. Government’s Office of Personnel Management. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and holds certifications in several well-respected leadership and personality assessment instruments.

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